FREE U.S. Shipping on ALL KDGold™ Concentrate Orders*

We Ship International USPS**

AutoShip Freebies

As a “thank you” to our current and future AutoShip customers that receive a gallon or more of KDGold™ concentrate every other month, (that’s

Disaster Relief

In times of disaster, Natural Soap Formulas and KDGold™ stand ready to assist as best we know how. Recently, to aid the victims of

Soap vs Detergent

It’s quite simple; soap rinses clean, detergent doesn’t. Detergents are designed to stay attached to the surface they are cleaning. Why?

Got Mosquitos?

If you have a mosquito problem, KDGold™ is an excellent deterrent for mosquito abatement. However, the government, EPA in particular, does
In order to be truly sustainable and green, we must consider all expenses in getting our product to the end user. In this vane, Natural Soap Formulas has committed to free shipping on all KDGold™ Concentrate products to our U.S. retail customers. We also ship Internationally at Unites States Postal Service (USPS) standard rates.
* Free Shipping is applied to your order when "Concentrate" coupon is entered at check out. 2oz sample and free 2oz sample bottles are excluded.
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