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About Our Company

We are Natural Soap Formulas, Inc., manufacturers and distributors of KD Gold ™ and other golden colloidal micelle soap formulas. We have come together to make a green, cleaner, safer and healthier world for all beings. Learn more about us!  Visit our Natural Soap Formulas to see what we stand for, our promise to you, and why we do it. Find out why you should go non-toxic and biodegradable at our Natural Soap Formulas, Inc. web site.


Why is it called KD Gold ™?

KD Gold is named after our founder and chief steward, Kaylin D’Aire. Kaylin was chemically affected at a very young age. This led her to dedicate her life to finding and teaching safer, healthier ways to clean and live. She has been using colloidal micelle soaps for 15+ years and has been intrinsically involved in their development and several incarnations.

kd gold uses coconut oils

KD Gold™ is safe for people who are chemically sensitive, immune compromised and hypoallergenic like Kaylin. All colloidal micelle pure soap formulas made by Natural Soap Formulas are safe for them. Kaylin has created this particular formula especially for her mother, Frances, and her daughter-in-law, Lynnette, and all those who are turned off by the earthy smell of natural soaps. KD Gold™ is especially gentle on the skin, but still powerful enough to cut through the toughest of cleaning jobs with a gentle and pleasing aroma by using the finest of coconut oils and other GMO-free natural ingredients.


K.D.’s promise to you

I, Kaylin D’Aire, promise and guarantee that you will love the way KD Gold™ cleans and smells, and if you are not completely satisfied just return the unused portion or empty bottle within 30 days and we will refund the price of KD Gold™ to you (shipping excluded and offer applies to retail customers only with proof of purchase).


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