KD Gold AutoShip Quarterly Freebies

KDGold AutoShip Freebies 3rd Quarter Glass Cleaner Sprayer

We wish to give a big “thank you” to our current and future KD Gold AutoShip customers that receive a gallon or more of KDGold™ concentrate every other month, (that’s 6 times a year), we will add a surprise “Freebie” to your standing order.

Second Quarter Autoship Freebies

Third quarter “Freebie” is one 16oz KDGold Glass Cleaner Sprayer allows you to clean all your windows, mirrors and other crystal and glass objects and furniture in your home easily, leaving the surfaces safely grime and streak-free!

The glass cleaners in the market today range from the very toxic chemical-based cleaners to the caustic organic cleaners with heavy smells. KDGold is a non-toxic cleaner with no fragrance or acidity. Cleans easily wether you spray the surface directly or the cloth being used to clean.

Ensure that you and your family’s glass and mirror surfaces are clean and safe to touch by your family, especially your little ones, with KDGold. Sign up for the KDGold Gallon 2 or 3 month AutoShip Subscription today!

The KD Gold Autoship Program

If you’re not on KD Gold™ Concentrate Gallon AutoShip yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up with the program of your choice here! Discounts & Free Shipping are waiting just for you!

The Autoship Program is available for the KD Gold™ Concentrate Gallon and the KD Gold™ Concentrate Half Gallon. The subscription periods available are: 2 months, 3 months & 6 months.

Save up to $105.30 with the KD Gold™ Gallon and save up to $67.50 with the KD Gold™ Half-Gallon! Just go to our shop and click on KD Gold U.S.A. AutoShip and select the product with the subscription of your choice. Click here to select a KD Gold Gallon AutoShip Program.

If you are in Alaska, Hawaii or a U.S. Territory, the available AutoShip is the 1 Gallon special shipped as 4 Quart bottles. Click here to subscribe!

International Customers can also subscribe to our International KD Gold Concentrate Gallon Autoship Program. Please click here to sign up today!

*Please note that right now we only accept PayPal payments for AutoShip orders. We are working to accept Credit Cards for AutoShips by March 2017. Please visit www.kdgoldrtu.com for additional information and announcements. Contact us if you have any questions.


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