Got Mosquitoes?

If you have a mosquito problem, KDGold™ is an excellent deterrent for mosquito abatement. However, the government, EPA in particular, does not allow us to tell you that it kills mosquitoes because it does not contain a registered pesticide, actually, no pesticide at all. Soap is a natural surfactant. Surfactants make water wetter. The significance?

They reduce the surface tension of the water making it extremely difficult for anything to float on the surface.

How does KD Gold™ work for mosquito abatement?

mosquito larva

Mosquitoes lay their larva on water where they float until they hatch. When KDGold™ is sprayed on standing water or very moist areas where mosquitoes are breeding, it breaks the surface tension of the water causing the mosquito larva to sink below the surface where they drown. Because KDGold™ is a colloidal micelles liquid, its particles are “nano” sized (2 to 7 nanometers), much smaller and more active than ordinary soap. It’s also extremely water-soluble and therefore works much faster and more effectively than other surfactants with the added bonus of being non-toxic to aquatic life and completely biodegradable.

KD Gold™ Mosquito Abatement Testing Findings

International testing has shown that there was a 100% success rate against 7 varieties of mosquitoes that it was tested on — including two that carried the dreaded dengue virus. Preliminary test results have shown KDGold™ to be equally as effective against mosquitoes carrying West Nile and other mosquito born viruses.

As a by-product, domestic farms have seen remarkable reductions, year after year, in mosquito populations when NSF soaps are used as a surfactant to deliver nutrients to crops in areas traditionally plagued by mosquitoes such as Minnesota and Wisconsin.   Dilution rates vary from 100:1 (water to concentrate) to 1000:1 — all dilutions were successful without damaging the water source.

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