Natural Soap vs Detergent

soap-vs-detergentsIt’s quite simple: soap rinses clean, detergents don’t. Detergents are designed to stay attached to the surface they are cleaning. Why? Because the chemicals used to make detergents are so strong that they leave dangerous residues that water can’t rinse out. These synthetic detergents are so toxic, that they are an environmental threat to all living organisms, especially those found in our waterways, like fish, coral reefs, dolphins, turtles, whales and other aquatic wildlife.

Take laundry detergents for example: they are filled with a long list of chemicals, including -but not limited to- alkylbenzenesulfonates, phosphorus, ammonia, phenol, and sodium nitilotriacetate, and are usually heavily scented with cheap, synthetic, artificial fragrances to cover up odors, and contain brighteners to cover up stains. Detergents also contain preservatives and antibacterial agents so that they don’t spoil.

All these chemicals are frequent causes of allergic reactions. When clothes are washed with chemical detergents, they leave a residue behind in the fabric. As we sleep, our pores open and close when body temperature raises and lowers and those toxic chemicals are absorbed through the skin.

It’s important to remember that the skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs 60% of everything it comes in contact with. This explains the recent popularity of dermal patches for transmitting and dosing drugs.

This causes individuals with chemical sensitivities to suffer from itching, rashes, skin irritation, allergies, and sinus problems, to name a few. Natural soaps, such as KD Gold™ RTU Laundry Soap, does NOT leave a residue, it does NOT cover up anything, KD Gold™ just cleans. Soap goes down the drain along with any dirt, grease, grime, allergens and pathogens that may be on the clothes, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, chemical sensitivity or a compromised immune system to use without being harmful to the environment.

One of the most popular and effective natural laundry soaps available is KD Gold™ RTU Laundry Soap which is made from a unique blend of biodegradable, non-toxic, baby safe ingredients. This formula does an amazing job of cleaning up even the worst of odors and soiled stains, even soiled baby diapers. Order yours today and start washing with confidence & wellness.

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