Garden Wash & Plant Nutrition

Nourish your plants and spruce up your gardens and lawn with KD Gold Garden Wash & Plant Nutrition. Just freely spray KD Gold directly on plants and surrounding dirt to remove contaminants, unwanted bugs, and other garden pests. Clean, healthy plants are able to absorb nutrients more efficiently and therefore grow bigger and better, faster. KD Gold Garden Wash & Plant Nutrition is derived from plant-based ingredients, so it is all natural, non-toxic and completely safe for children and animals. KD Gold is certified Kosher and watercourse safe. Use KD Gold Garden Wash & Plant Nutrition with your garden hose to clean lawns, bushes, and to keep flea, tick, and mosquito populations down. Used as an adjuvant, KD Gold Garden Wash can also be combined with any number of natural liquid fertilizers or other pest control products.

KD Gold contains NO triclosan, SLS / SLES, parabens, animal by-products, or harsh chemicals.

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