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10 Year Kd Gold Disaster Preparedness Kit

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Ten Year Survival Kit -Enough KDGold non-toxic all natural soap to last a family of 4 for 10 years. Includes a 55 gallon drum of KDGold Concentrate, a 5 gallon storage tote, a 2 gallon ready-to-use dispenser, 6 spray bottle starter kit with hand foamer. You and your family will be ready to stay clean and safe for whatever disaster or zombie apocalypse may befall you. Recommended by former special forces, and current emergence service personal, our survival kit really is the one stop product for either bunker or field expedient living, where personal administration and infection control could mean the difference between life or death.

KDGold Concentrate, is an aqueous, plant based soap surfactant. It is odorless, non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and  baby safe . Perfect for all domestic and commercial settings, KDGold Concentrate reduces odors and bacterial growth by removing protein and sugar residues, breaks up and emulsifies greases, oils and fats more effectively than most conventional cleaners on the market at present. KDGold Concentrate is not a detergent or petroleum based solvent and will not react with other cleaning compounds, such as chlorine bleach to cause toxic out gassing which can be a highly dangerous.

KDGold Concentrate is developed from edible and seed bearing plants that create a unique hydrocarbon release agent that is so powerful even heavy oils will completely solubilize and be held in suspension by only a small amount of KDGold Concentrate without causing an emulsion or damage to the cleaning surface, be that a frying pan, machine tooling surface or silk shirt. The powerful micelle cleaning action causing long chain hydrocarbon compounds to virtually repel from the cleaning surface, so that any dirt can be rinsed away with water. Exclusively developed using colloidal micelles chemistry, when KDGold Concentrate is combined with water, the micelle particles break the water’s surface tension, this action allowing nano penetrate of grease, oil and related dirt holding them in suspension. Perfect for almost all domestic and commercial cleaning use and base for the KDGoldRTU (ready to use) product line, KDGold Concentrate is not only baby-safe but fully biodegrade and non-toxic. Tested for coastal and aquatic life toxicity, KDGold Concentrate is perfect for agricultural or maritime applications, safe in the knowledge that you will not be polluting natural watercourses or sea life.

For more details on dilution factors and suitable applications, please see our user guide section or contact use directly at Natural Soap Formulas Inc.

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