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Harold D., Wisconsin

Hunter from Texas

Cleaning with KDGold is incredible!! But…..when used on our son who has a rare disorder involving the skin “Ectodermal Dysplasia” we were amazed!!! He is chemically sensitive, bathing was painful he would cry very excrusiating!! Ever since we have used the KDGold for his bathing he DOES NOT CRY! He is 16 and it has been so long since we have found a product for him, we have tried a lot of “natural” products this is amazing. I cried because he wasn’t.

Kelly B., Indiana

The best product in the world, for every single task. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity so was thrilled to have this product recommended to me. It is truly sensational, & I will never use anything else! Thank you!

Penelope B., California


To Whom it may concern:

The Miami School District here in Miami, Oklahoma has serviced over 1000 kids in our school district last year with the Natural Soap Lice Shampoo. The shampoo has worked wonders for our children and families. The shampoo kills the nits and allows families to use on their child two days in a row if needed unlike other lice shampoo formulas. We have LOTS of families that fight this daily and this shampoo has helped them get rid of the Lice problem. Our school District does not have the lice problem we had before using this formula. We just want to say Thank You to the Natural Soap Formula Company.

D. Giles of The Miami School District., Oklahoma

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